Hanoi train day tour: 60$

8:45, your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel. We will then proceed to the railway station to purchase tickets and board the train, immersing ourselves in the local experience for approximately an hour. As we sit on the train among the locals, you will have the opportunity to gaze out the window and witness the sight of the city’s small, tall houses. Additionally, you will catch a glimpse of the iconic Eiffel Bridge, a relic from the French colonial era that gracefully spans the Red River. As the train ventures further, you will be treated to picturesque views of green fields, serene ponds, and the idyllic countryside.

10:30, we will disembark from the train and seamlessly transition into the next activity under the guidance of our tour guides.

11.00, We will visit the Wood carving village used to excel at producing objects of worship and ritual furniture such as thrones, incense tables, couches, and statues. Nowadays, customers are in more favor of decorative items, including the three statues of happiness, prosperity, and longevity, the Maitreya, and animals representing happiness and luck.

The carving process demands considerable sophistication, dexterity, and attention to such minute details as how to arrange the wood grains. The products embrace not only individual creativity but also the cultural traditions of village.

11.45- 12.15, We will visit the Temple of literature became the examination site for the whole region and a training center for scholars from all over Vietnam from 16th century, is evidence of the development of Confucianism and academic examinations in the past, and had the first 12 doctors and 600 of Vietnam.

12.30- 13.00, enjoy the local lunch, and relax a little, then 2 next places

13.30- 14.00, We will visit the Pagoda is also a place worshipping Zen Master Tinh, a well-known physician in Vietnamese traditional medicine. Built during the Ly dynasty, the pagoda was restored in the 14th century.

The pagoda was rebuilt on a large scale from the late 17th century to the early 18th century and was classified as a national relic in 1974.

This place is a well-known relic where many national treasures are kept, including ancient Buddhist statutes, large bells and stone steles.

14.30- 15.00, We will visit the Temple is the official temple built to worship the great physician Tinh in his hometown. It is not known what year the temple was built, but based on the architectural relics that can still be identified in the 17th century, there is a solid temple with delicate carvings.

16:00- 16:30, we will board the day train once again for an hour-long journey back to Hanoi.

17:30- 18:00, we will arrive at Hanoi railway station, where our tour will come to an end. Our team will assist you in safely returning to your hotel, ensuring a comfortable and convenient drop-off.

Private tour

No of travelers1 pax2-3 pax4-10pax
 USD/1 person$80/1pax$60$55

*Included: English tour guide, entrance fee, simple lunch, train ticket with round trip

*Note: If you want to return Hanoi by bus instead of train, it will be surcharged 10USD/ 1pax

*Excluded: Drinks, tips (not compulsory)