Hanoi train half day tour: 45$


“Tour from 8.45- 14.00 or 14.45- 20.00”

8:45, your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel. We will then head to the railway station to purchase tickets and board the train, immersing ourselves in the local experience for approximately 20 minutes. From the train window, you will catch glimpses of the narrow, hidden streets of Hanoi, lined with tightly packed, small houses. Additionally, you will have a view of the iconic Eiffel Bridge, which was built in 1902 during the French colonial era and spans the Red River.

Upon disembarking from the train, we will swiftly proceed to our next activity under the guidance of our tour guides.

11:15, we will take a leisurely stroll to visit the ancient citadel and temples, which served as the first independent capital of the Vietnamese kingdom. Our knowledgeable guide will share captivating stories, including a love story associated with this historical site. Subsequently, we will drive back to Hanoi.

12:30, we will indulge in an authentic lunch accompanied by our guide.

14:00, we will conclude our trip and bid you farewell at your hotel, with hopes of welcoming you again in the future!

Private Tour

No of travelers 2 pax 3-6 pax 7-10 pax
 USD/1 person $45 $42 $40

+ Tour included:

  • English tour guide
  • Tickets for train
  • Cross red river ferry
  • Entrance fee
  • Scooter or car
  • Lunch & drink

+ Tour excluded: Tips (not compulsory)